Sunway World Co., Ltd was set up in 1993 by a group of
experienced engineers and mold masters who has the
least 10 years working experience in Die Casting field.
Our bravo designing and manufacturing are owing to
them for their precise application of Gate System and
Cooling System. Moreover, their kin knowledge of
Tempering guarantees the stability and quality of our
product. Consequently, every operation at the user’s
end is smooth and successful. It is our belief that only
when client’s needs are implemented, no one should
be called a "good" tooling maker.

SUNWAY WORLD is a good tooling maker.

With every member's endeavor, Sunway World grows
in her path. We have 32 employees at present that
position us the number 6 over the whole country. Our
major and first international customer is from USA,
then followed by Asian clients and recently a Danish
company joined the buying team. Our molds serve
various industries from hardware tooling, communication
to Automobile. To facilitate the operation, we extend our
service to Die Casting parts.

Feed back from clients accredits Sunway World in the industry. We deserve it because of our serious attitude in making tooling, visional company policy and rigid teamwork.

  President:陳緯宸 先生
  Address:No. 215-2, San-Chun St., Shu-Lin City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, Zip code: 238
  Tel:886-2-2676 1791
  Fax:886-2-2676 1792 ( Engineering Dept.)
             ( Sales Dept.)
  2002 output:
Below 500 M/c 40 sets
500 T~ 800 M/C 60 sets
Over 800 M/C 8 sets
Mg. Alloy   20 sets

USA Invensys Precision Die Casting
  Lunt Manufacturing Co., Inc.
  PLS Pacific Laser System
  Southern Die-Casters, Inc.
India Sage Electrical, Kalyani Brakes Limited
Iran Nirou Moharekeh Industries
Denmark Alcumatic a/S
Taiwan P & F brother Ind., Corp., Micomtek Corp.
China China Jialing Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Serving Industries:
  DME Compatible: DME spec. Supplied.


No.215-2, San-Chun St., Shu-Lin City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, Zip code:238
TEL:886-2-26761791     FAX:886-2-26761792

蘇州聖元模具有限公司 Su Zhou Sunway Molds Co., Ltd. 
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